Sunday, August 5

A Refreshing Twist: Mint Infused White Wine Syrup

On a hot afternoon, pass on the soda or sugary flavored teas and pour a cold glass of sparkling water with mint infused white wine syrup. The recipe is ridiculously simple and makes for a refreshing twist to an aperitivo or perfect for macerating fruit.

 Mint grows like weeds in our garden, popping up everywhere and spreading its long roots across the herb patch invading in on the chive and dill so I'm always looking for ways to use it!

Mint Infused White Wine Syrup / Cordial
Sciroppo di Mente

 2 bottles of white wine (I use a Verdicchio Chardonnay blend from Serenelli (March)
750 grams sugar
4 handfuls of mint (with the stems and everything)

Make a simple syrup of white wine & sugar by slowly melting the sugar in the wine.
Let cool then pour the syrup over a jar filled with the mint. Let sit for 5 days then remove the mint.

Serve: Mix with cold sparkling water to taste and a fresh picked mint leaf.

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