Sunday, September 10

Podcast from Italy: House Hunting in Italy Continues + September Festivals

We're back with this podcast all about our latest round of house hunting and negotiating in Italy!  Plus the latest lineup of food festivals in the area this September. Check out the photos of the pear festival below.  Of course there's the usual morning banter and update from the garden. 

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As mentioned in the podcast we visited the Angelica Pear festival in Serrungarina last week to celebrate this sweet small precious pear!

 As you can see it wasn't too busy but perfectly quaint and "filled" with locals. The homemade ravioli with pear & taleggio was off the charts!! Thank god I snapped this pic when I did too because Jason quickly devoured the pastries, leaving me just the crumbs & this photo...

Thursday, September 7

Pretty in Pink Sunset: End of Summer Pizza Night

The tramontana winds brought the stunning pink night sky - it only lasted a few minutes but it was bathed the late summer pizza night in a dreamy pink haze.

It started out like any other evening and then the colors deepened dramatically - luckily I had my camera nearby - plus scroll to the bottom for the drone shot I was able to capture!

 The evenings are getting darker earlier and the temps quickly drop as soon as the sun goes down...time to close the oven door for the summer!

Saturday, September 2

Cooking Classes + Wine + Yoga = Yogalush in Italy

The end of August marked the return of Yogalush  - a group of 14 yogis who put the lush in Yogalush interested in eating, wine, cooking and all things pork from Seattle & Twisp, Washington! This is not a vegan, raw-food crowd (thank god!) mornings spent with 2 hour yoga sessions by the pool just after sunrise and afternoon's either in the kitchen taking a cooking class or in the cantina trying local wines!

An evening aperitivo before dinner made by half the group in their cooking class!

Yoga helps you digest the morning after eating 18 pizza's by 14 people!

Then back to the kitchen for another cooking class!

Thanks so much to Val for rounding up another great Yogalush crew!

hard at work...

Sunday, August 20

Little Helping Hands in the Garden - Onion Picking

With a house full of Dutch kids that just loved the garden we couldn't help but put them to work picking onions for dinner! The boys got quickly to work picking & cleaning and the girls were soon to follow...

The kids were all eager to lend a helping hand, excited for what was to come next - a rich French Onion Soup - no one cared it was the middle of the summer during a heat wave - they were all lusting over the onions from the garden!

 Here's a sneak peak of the epic onion soup (topped with aged Dutch cheese) - four days in the making (for that rich broth!)... the recipe to come in the fall when it's more in season!

Tuesday, August 15

The Hunt for White Truffles

 The little known region of Le Marche, Italy has a secret worth a fortune hidden under old oak trees...

 Locals will proudly tell you more truffles are found in Le Marche than Alba - "we send them our extras," one old Italian truffle hunter laughs.  This Autumn visit the tourist-free neighbour of Tuscany & Umbria and discover the wonderful world of truffles! For the same price as a truffle dinner in New York (no joke!), spend three nights dedicated to tartufi in lovely Le Marche!

Arrive to a five course feast made with produce from our farm using local, seasonal & traditional recipes served with local Marche wine, at your request fragrant white truffles will be shaved over your plate! The next day as the fog lifts, head into the woods with an expert truffle hunter and his dog in search of the infamous "white gold" found under age old oak trees.

That evening with the fire ablaze enjoy cooking in our 300 year old farmhouse kitchen with a professional chef as your teacher - sharing more than just recipes but understanding how to build & balance flavors, knife skills and using proper cooking techniques (braising, sauté vs. sweat, etc).  

The truffle education continues with a tour of a cultivated truffle garden to understand more about how & where they grow! And the culmination of the 3 nights - the National Fair of White Truffles in our nearby village of Acaualagna with the smell of tartufi thick in the air wander the streets sampling truffles in all forms! 

512nd National Truffle Fair of Acqualagna,
Its centuries-old tradition of research, production and sale of the truffle has made Acqualagna a privileged meeting place for the promotion and trade of the tuber at both national and international levels. Acqualagna is the harvest centre of two-thirds of the entire national production of the precious tuber with around 600 kilos of truffle of every kind.

The entire town of Acqualagna offers its spaces to the event. The main square hosts the stands of fresh truffle dealers, and this is the traditional hub of the festival. The Palatartufo is the most important area of reception for the visitors to the fair who number over 200.000 in total. Walking around its 4.000 square metres, lovers of the food and wine culture can taste and buy the best that traditional Italian cuisine has to offer: products tied to the characteristic truffle of the area, the numerous delicious products and examples of food from other Italian regions. In addition, visitors can see the area dedicated to local handicraft of furniture making and the famous artistic working of the stone.

The Hunt for White Truffles 
27 - 30 OCTOBER & 2-5 NOVEMBER
500 Euro/person
Includes: 3 nights accommodations at our farmhouse inn, breakfast daily, welcome five course feast with local wine, truffle hunt with expert guide with aperitivo, half day cooking class with meal, wine & custom apron, tour of cultivated truffle garden, aperitivo at the White Truffle Festival in Acqualagna. Truffles are available for your dinner and cooking class by request at market price. (Package price based on double occupancy.)
For more details and booking:

An important note: We only work with truffle hunters that are humane to their dogs and respectful of others dogs. We also do NOT place the truffles before the hunt - there is no guarantee we will find any - its all part of the experience!

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